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Franchise Solutions

As your business grows and succeeds have you considered opening in more locations?

Does your business model lend itself to expanding in major cities where you have a growing number of customers?

At Stannards our services can assist in growing your business through franchising. We can assist in improving standards and performance across a franchise network.

We have worked with numerous franchisors from initial start ups to very large networks and brands.

Our Services

  • Building a business model that can support a franchise model
  • Structuring a business to consider franchising
  • Preparation of 3 way forecasts
  • Assess the culture and brand that is being offered
  • Recruitment services to attract the highest calibre of franchises
  • Assessment of processes and controls in the business model that can be rolled out
  • Thorough implementation of franchise business model
  • Provide guidance and structure to a financial reporting model under a franchisee business arrangement


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