About Us


Stannards are accountants and business advisory partners for life.


Stannards have been in business since 1946. Over this time, we’ve accelerated businesses in every major industry. At Stannards we combine accounting, taxation and business advisory services aimed to accelerate our client's businesses. We leverage deep Business Intelligence - B.iQ™, expertise in Generational Intelligence - G.iQ™ and Future Intelligence - F.iQ™ to make our client's businesses win.



Business Intelligence - B.iQ™

Stannards Business Intelligence - B.iQ™ is a unique proprietary combination of accounting meets future advisory thinking to make businesses market-ready. B.iQ™ helps accelerate businesses of all shapes and sizes. We do this by integrating market insight, financial design thinking, industry compliance, cash flow management, taxation planning and predictive financial analytics into actionable outcomes. In collaboration with our clients, our team of expert advisors understand what it takes to make their businesses win and helps them get there.



Generational Intelligence - G.iQ™

Stannards Generational Intelligence - G.iQ™ helps accelerate family-owned businesses from one generation to the next. We understand that being part of a family business can be demanding and more than a full-time job. From succession planning, risk mitigation, identifying future family leaders and integrating market trend intelligence, Stannards provides a personalised approach when helping our clients navigate the future of their business through G.iQ™.  We become part of the family DNA and are there every step of the way.

How we work with clients

Stannards are accountants and business advisory partners for life. In all our relationships with clients, we look to build long-lasting, dynamic and meaningful connections to help businesses and the people behind them to be their best. We use our industry expertise to understand the needs of our clients and get them market-ready.