Business Intelligence - B.iQ™


Creating agile advisory solutions in a rapidly changing business age.


Stannards Business Intelligence - B.iQ™ is a unique combination of accounting meets future thinking advisory services to make businesses market-ready.

Stannards B.iQ™ helps accelerate businesses of all shapes and sizes. We do this by integrating market intelligence, financial design, industry compliance, cash flow management, taxation planning and predictive financial analytics into actionable outcomes. In collaboration with our clients, our team of expert advisors understand what it takes to make their businesses win.

Our Stannards discovery sessions are designed to uncover the current and future market opportunity for every business. Got a business idea? Let’s talk about how Stannards B.iQ™ can help.



What is a Stannards Discovery Session?

A Stannards discovery session is a 45-minute catch up to understand how to get your business moving in the right direction. Designed for prospective clients, we ‘sense’ check your business using Stannards B.iQ™ thinking. Whether you are a start up or already operational, our discovery sessions address the following key areas to get your business market-ready.  

  • Your industry & market intelligence

  • Business vision

  • Current and future business model

  • Key targets and goals

  • Market Implementation strategy and timeline

  • Family office planning