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Meet the next generation of automobile, driven by data analytics.

Mercedes Benz Fit & Healthy coach will be installed as standard in higher end luxury cars.

Mercedes Benz Fit & Healthy coach will be installed as standard in higher end luxury cars.

Mercedes Benz - Fit + Healthy.

The automotive industry has never before prioritised the health of a driver. The focus has always been speed related, safety and the economy of performance. Mercedes Benz have taken a leap into viewing their cars as a central health hub for drivers. In an age of digital connectivity and data driven platforms, Mercedes-Benz Fit & Healthy aims to revitalise the driver experience.


Run entirely by the Mercedes Me virtual ‘Vitality Coach’ platform inside a Mercedes car, the vehicle is fitted with multiple sensors inside the cabin, seating and steering wheel with the key focus of gathering Bio-Data. All of this is activated with one simple button with the idea that you leave the car healthier than when you stepped into it.

This charge into driver health is purely driven by the global Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) market, which is set to increase from 218.1 million units shipped in 2016 to more than 1.2 billion units shipped by 2025 to the estimated value of (USD) $89.3 Billion.

Holistic Data.

So, what does your car actually know about your driver experience. To drive vitality, Mercedes Me virtual ‘Vitality Coach’ analyses your Bio-metric data while sitting inside. This data gets fed back to the virtual  ‘Vitality Coach’ who then automatically adjusts the temperature to help with fatigue, adjusting lighting controls to help change the mood to bring the driver into a different state of mind and automatic massage functions in the seats. The research of Mercedes Me virtual ‘Vitality Coach’ started 25 years ago when Mercedes started working with psychologists, physiotherapists, sound and scent engineers to bring the driver into an optimal state of health. Now it continues with their F2015 research vehicle.

Ben Fraser