Agile Robotic Workforce


What is Robotic Process Automation as a Service?

Robotic Process Automation as a Service (RPAS) is the application of software to interact with systems and process transactions in the same way a human worker would. Virtual workers – robots – mimic the keystrokes, clicks and many other repetitive activities without requiring human assistance.

RPA doesn't replace existing systems, but works with existing applications to perform specific tasks that the virtual worker has been asked to complete. This vastly reduces implementation costs and delivery timeframes, removes the need for costly integration software changes and frees up employees to perform higher value tasks.

Why RPA?

RPA can help your business achieve increased operational excellence and improve business performance. Key areas of improvement are reduction in transaction processing turn around time, vastly improved data quality, ease of implementation and efficiency.

65% Cheaper, zero downtime, consistent data and fast ROI.

Typical cost comparison between FTE and RPA: Onshore FTE $80K, Offshore FTE $45K, Robotic $15K. Robotic FTEs can work 24/7, 365 days a year, with no vacation breaks, sick leave or attrition. Automation phases out human intervention, thus reducing possibility of human errors. Expect to see results and achieve positive ROI within a few months, not years.

Ben Fraser