Chiara Ferragani


When Harvard creates a course based on your personal brand, it means you’re kind of a big deal right!

In a social media transformative age, the Millennials have capitalised on personal brand development better and more profitable than any other generation. Move over Paris and Niki Hilton, there is a new generation class reinventing global fashion, beauty and luxury markets and her name is Chiara Ferragani.

From top rating Reality TV Shows, to Gaming Apps, Beauty Lines, owning the hottest Runway Fashion Shows in the world and dominating Social Media with a combined fanship of more than 300 million followers, we take a look at how Chiara Ferragani have impacted a global generation. 

One of the early adopters in creating a powerhouse brand Italian business woman and fashion influencer Chiara Ferragani. She first created her blog called The Blond Salad back in October 2009. This was at a time where blogs were showing themselves as the Go-To platform for sharing your own voice. 

Creating an entirely new Influencer economy.

Since then Chiara has built up an empire of 20 people and appeared on Teen Vogue, employed by Guess as model and spokesperson. And to make things more interesting, Chiara has become so incredibly influential, she is the first fashion blogger to be chosen by Harvard Business School to be made into a case-study for their teachings. Professor Anat Keinan and her students have analysed every aspect of the start-up business.

“Chiara is the most successful fashion blogger,” Keinan said. “She was very creative in monetising her blog and turning it into a real business, a multi-million dollar business. One of the main reasons for her success is this ability to be relatable but also aspirational at the same time.”

Ben Fraser