Generational Intelligence - G.iQ™


Stannards have been working closely with family-owned businesses for more than 30 years.


Stannards Generational Intelligence or G.iQ™ helps accelerate family-owned businesses from one generation to the next.

We understand that being part of a family business can have it's challenged and opportunities. From succession planning, risk mitigation, identifying future family leaders and integrating market trend intelligence, Stannards provides a personalised approach when helping our clients navigate the future of their family business through G.iQ™.  We become part of the family DNA and are there every step of the way.

One generation to the next.

Our experience in business advisory for the top 1% of families has provided deep insight into how to create a lasting legacy for businesses and the families behind them.  

Money is never the glue.

Family values, intelligence and a little bit of turbulence is what keeps families together. Stannards help high-net-worth families navigate the complexities of getting everyone on the same page to have one clear vision for the future.


Are you part of a family business and need some help with identifying the future direction? Let’s have a chat today. 


Peter Angelini - G.iQ™ expert.

Peter Angelini - G.iQ™ expert.

What is a Stannards G.iQ Discovery Session?

A Stannards G.iQ™ discovery session is a sharp catch up to understand how to get your family business moving in the right direction. We ‘sense’ check your business using Stannards G.iQ™.  Whether you're a new generation or founder, our discovery sessions address the following key areas of your business: 

  • Your industry & market intelligence

  • Business vision

  • Current and future business model

  • Key targets and goals

  • Market Implementation strategy and timeline

  • Family office planning