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The Australian combined health fitness, luxury and lifestyle market is worth over (AUD) $143 Billion.

Rolex is a premium brand of Watches of Switzerland.

Rolex is a premium brand of Watches of Switzerland.

Luxury market in Australia is on the rise.

The Luxury market is traditionally classified in two key segments. Luxury Goods: Fashion & Accessories, Watches & Jewelry, Well-being, and Beauty Products, Art. Lifestyle Purchases: Automotive, Travel, Home & Interior Design, Alcoholic Beverages including Wine, Champagnes, and Spirits.

The Luxury Retailing industry has grown at a rapid pace over the past five years, with revenue expected to grow at an annualised 10.2% over the five years through 2017-18, to $2.1 billion,’ according to IBISWorld. Chinese students and tourists and Chinese Australian residents are responsible for up to two-thirds of luxury retail sales in Sydney and Melbourne and fashion brands are increasing their retail presence and grooming Chinese influencers.

Personal health is the new luxury.

Millennials and Gen-Z’s prefer a new form of luxury called F-luxe. It’s based on the luxury of health and well being which is currently set to reach (AUD) $2.4 Billion by 2022. Fitness apps, 24/7 gyms and sporting fashion have spurted mass memberships and the flow on effect of purchasing wearable devices, sportswear and luxury holidays.

Jackalope Hotel in Mornington, Victoria.

Jackalope Hotel in Mornington, Victoria.

Nike leads the fitness market in Australia.

Nike leads the fitness market in Australia.

Stannards accelerates health, luxury and lifestyle brands.

Stannards B.iQ™ helps accelerate independently owned health, luxury and lifestyle groups. We do this by integrating core business advisory services called #BusinessIntelligence - #B.iQ™, financial design thinking, efficient operations, industry compliance, cash flow management, taxation planning and predictive financial analytics into actionable outcomes. In collaboration with our clients, our team of expert advisors understands what it takes to make their businesses win.

Our expertise in the health, luxury and lifestyle industry spans 30 years working across auto brands such as Watches of Switzerland, Lance Dixon Bentley, Jackalope Hotels, InForm Design and more. By controlling today for health, luxury and lifestyle businesses, we create tomorrow.



What is a Stannards Discovery Session?

A Stannards discovery session is a 45-minute catch up to understand how to get your business moving in the right direction. Designed for prospective clients, we ‘sense’ check your business using Stannards B.iQ™ thinking. Whether you are a start up or already operational, our discovery sessions address the following key areas to get your business market-ready.  

  • Your industry & market intelligence

  • Business vision

  • Current and future business model

  • Key targets and goals

  • Market Implementation strategy and timeline

  • Family office planning