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Stannards have been working in the equine industry with racing elite.

Lindsay Park Racing owned Red Kirk Warrior at Newmarket Handicap. Image: Ultimate Racing Photos.

Lindsay Park Racing owned Red Kirk Warrior at Newmarket Handicap.
Image: Ultimate Racing Photos.

How the racing industry is worth (AUD) $5.5 Billion.

The thoroughbred racing industry is one of Australia’s largest industries.  According to independent research the racing industry is the source for full or part-time work for approximately 64,000 Full Time Equivalents and it is estimated to contribute $5.5 billion annually to Australia’s GDP (0.58% in 2005/06). Wagering on thoroughbred racing totalled $15.9 billion according to the Australian Racing Board.

In terms of the supply side, the breeding industry in Australia had 655 stallions who served 19,282 broodmares. In 2013/14, 13,554 foals were born, a ratio of 63% to broodmares returned to the Australian Stud Book. Australia has the second largest stallion, broodmare and foal population in the world behind the USA.

Recent public auction sales throughout Australia have been bolstered by buyers from other countries, with Magic Millions Sales reporting that demand is evident at all quality levels. Buyers from Europe and the US have focused on the top end of the market seeking high quality fillies, as well as colts that have the potential to become commercial stallions. Buyers from Asian countries have added to the demand at the middle and lower ends of the market and this includes increased demand from China. 

A beach run for Magic Millions horses.

A beach run for Magic Millions horses.

Stannards thoroughbred expertise.

Stannards B.iQ™ helps accelerate independently owned racing groups. We do this by integrating core business advisory services called #BusinessIntelligence - #B.iQ™, financial design thinking, efficient operations, industry compliance, cash flow management, taxation planning and predictive financial analytics into actionable outcomes. In collaboration with our clients, our team of expert advisors understands what it takes to make their businesses win.

Our expertise in the thoroughbred and racing industry spans many years working alongside two of Australia’s most successful racing businesses, Lindsay Park Racing and MAKYBE Racing & Breeding. By controlling today for racing businesses, we create tomorrow.



What is a Stannards Discovery Session?

A Stannards discovery session is a 45-minute catch up to understand how to get your business moving in the right direction. Designed for prospective clients, we ‘sense’ check your business using Stannards B.iQ™ thinking. Whether you are a start up or already operational, our discovery sessions address the following key areas to get your business market-ready.  

  • Your industry & market intelligence

  • Business vision

  • Current and future business model

  • Key targets and goals

  • Market Implementation strategy and timeline

  • Family office planning